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iPhone Users Rush To Protect Their iPhones During a Time Of Online Uncertainty: Here Is Why…

The must-have iPhone app for 2023 has just had an awesome new update. If you own an iPhone device, this will be the most useful article you read…

Did you know that 95% of data breaches are human error? With a new cyberattack every 39 seconds and an ever-increasing amount of cybercrime, you might not realize that your data is being shared, and unprotected phone devices make them an easier target for cybercriminals.

With mobile phone technology now able to process as much as a desktop computer, many people are trusting their personal and precious information in their phone storage.  However, your personal information could be on the dark web. The average cost for your bank login information is just $125. With victims of fraud losing on average $10,000 each. This is set to rise in 2023.

Not only this, the viruses and malware transmitted to your devices can produce all sorts of problems. They are capable of causing your iPhone to crash frequently or damage and remove your personal files. Not having antivirus software is like leaving your car door open with the engine running. You wouldn’t do it – so why are you allowing hackers to have an open door to your smartphone and data?

That’s where TotalAV comes in….

TotalAV has long protected internet users with enterprise-level security, and with the recent increases in mobile fraud, they have produced a full-featured protection suite for iPhone which is now available to the public… for only $3!! 

The app will scan your iPhone device for hidden malware, check the dark web to see if your information has been breached, remove adware, spyware and viruses. In addition to this, TotalAV has also included built-in security against internet phishing scams and fraud websites, and there is a cool feature to easily clear your tracking cookies from your browser history.

Are you tired of constantly forgetting to update your iPhone? Are you worried about the risks to your personal information and devices due to outdated protection? Well, worry no more! Our app has got you covered.

  • ✅ Automatic Real-Time Protection: no need to worry to remember to check downloads and installs for nasty viruses and threats, TotalAV does it for you.
  • ✅ Schedule Smart Scans: choose a convenient time for regular scans to ensure constant safety and security for your device.
  • ✅ Secure Password Vault: never forget a password again, with our additional secure vault away from hackers.

With all this included in the package, it’s no wonder people are rushing to claim a copy of this incredible app, at the incredible price of $3. This really is the only security product you need.

TotalAV has long had a reputation for providing users with top-of-the-line computer security, and it is no surprise millions of users have already downloaded their iPhone version.

Claim Your Protection Now

You are probably asking yourself ‘So, is this software really the best smartphone protection?’

It’s not just us that believe they are the #1 app for your iPhone security… even Trustpilot has ranked them the #1 Online Security Software. At such a cheap price, it is no shock there is so much hype surrounding it!

So how do I claim my copy of the app?

Step 1: Simply visit the Official $3 iPhone Promotion Here or click the button below

Step 2: Fill in your email address and pay $3.

Step 3: Install your TotalAV security app from the App store, sign in using your email address and instantly activate your security.

Claim Your $3 Protection Package

You will instantly be given 2 additional free licenses for your PC, laptop or tablet, so be sure to install your protection on those as well, at no extra cost.

This deal won’t last forever, especially as the app becomes more popular. For now, at a price of only $3, we recommend installing the app today to make the most of this deal.

Do yourself a favor, claim this deal and stay ahead of cybercrime… your future self will thank you.